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Hosted by Billy Mandarino
Original air date:
May 13th & 14th, 2022
Friday and Saturday 9am to 7pm
is the time to step into your power & transform your life!
Two empowering days with Billy Mandarino will show you EXACTLY HOW to master the present moment, your self-talk, success strategies, and people-skills to take your life and relationships to the next level.
This event will teach you how to use your Present Moment Awareness, along with your imagination and generously giving, to create massive abundance in your life.
THE NOW-IST EXPERIENCE LIVE is a 2-day advanced personal and spiritual development seminar, for people that want to live an extraordinary life.
LIVE music from Billy’s band In The Present Tense!
You will experience the sonic fusion of spiritual teaching, via songs written by Billy and Kirstin Candy, specifically for this event.
We are all living in unprecedented times. Challenges of the likes we have never seen before.
It takes a FRESH and new approach to not just survive through this transition but THRIVE in it!
You need to re-energize your body, mind, and spirit. Using your focused awareness to serve those in need.
To be there for your family and friends, so you can become a better role model and leader.
Serving you in the process is Billy’s Mission. Creating a Legion of NOW-ISTs. Supporting the heart driven souls that will shift this planet.
That’s why he created this transformational FIRST EVER event for you called THE NOW-IST EXPERIENCE LIVE!

To figure out your purpose
To develop your people skills
To build unstoppable confidence
To TRANSFORM your life, relationships, and career FOREVER.

This is about investing in yourself and stepping into your personal power.

Day #1: Who Am I... From Silence to Sounds! The core of your being and access to your highest self


Day #2: The Power of Your Imagination! No Goals just Soul. Synchronistic Thinking with child-like bewilderment and Paying it Forward. P.I.F!

General Terms

All items are non-refundable, all sales are final.

Refund Policy

All ticket sales are final, no refunds or exchanges, but consider the following:


1.   If the virtual event is cancelled, you will receive a refund for up to two weeks after the announcement is made. 

2.   If the virtual event is rescheduled and the new date does not work for you, you will receive a refund for up to two weeks after the announcement is made.

3.   Your original ticket will be honored for the new rescheduled date.

4.   You may donate your ticket back to The Now-ist Experience Live as a tax-deductible contribution.  You will be provided with documentation regarding your gift.  Contact us for details.